Last update: November 21, 2018

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[>] Additional notes.
[+] An argument supporting the idea.
[-] An argument against the idea.
[?] Questions and concerns about the idea (research needed).
@<topic> Mention of related topic.

Keep in mind

  • You don’t get paid to program, you get paid to ship software that people will actually want to use.1

Use a library or implement something yourself?

  • Reinvent the wheel, because it’s one of the best ways to learn. But only after you researched every already created wheel that you can find.1

Dealing with bugs

  • Some bugs don’t matter. It is better to fix the bugs that are problematic in practice (exception driven development) rather than theory.1
    • [?] Rare bugs should probably still be fixed if reported.


  1. How to Stop Sucking and Be Awesome Instead by Jeff Atwood  2 3