Last update: November 23, 2018

This knowledge entry is an evolving collection of ideas, thoughts, questions etc. about the topic. It's a collection of personal notes, and thus wording and formatting may not be perfect.

[>] Additional notes.
[+] An argument supporting the idea.
[-] An argument against the idea.
[?] Questions and concerns about the idea (research needed).
@<topic> Mention of related topic.

Keep in mind

  • Write to satisfy yourself first and foremost. If others read it and benefit from it that’s a welcome side effect. If you worry about who is reading, why they’re reading, or if anyone is even reading at all, you’d be too paralyzed to write.12
  • Writing is the best way to find out whether your thoughts make sense or are merely gut feelings.2
  • Good writers aren’t much smarter then other people. They’ve just forced themselves through the process of transferring vague feelings into words. This process generates clarity and “intelligence”.2


  1. How to Stop Sucking and Be Awesome Instead by Jeff Atwood 

  2. Selfish Writing by Morgan Housel  2 3